Lieutenant John T. Bullock - 23rd NC Infantry Regiment

John T. Bullock was born on March 31, 1839 to parents John D. and Sophia Bullock.  He grew up in Southern Granville County with his parents, seven sisters and two brothers, a farming family. He received no formal education, but attended local schools. He became a merchant in the Brassfield area of Southern Granville County. He enlisted on June 5, 1861 in Captain James Horner’s Company of “Granville Targetteers.” Corporal Bullock traveled to Weldon, NC in July 1861 where his unit was officially organized into the 23th NC Infantry Regiment.  John Bullock was promoted to Sergeant on December 6, 1861. He later was appointed to 2nd Lieutenant on May 10, 1862.

John T. Bullock saw combat numerous times in the Southern Virginia campaigns in 1862. He was wounded at Sharpsburg, Maryland on September 17, 1862. Upon his return to duty John Bullock was promoted to 1st Lieutenant on September 25th 1862 and served in this capacity until again wounded and captured at the Battle of Gettysburg. He was paroled soon after and was back with the 23rd NC by September 1, 1863 serving as a 1st Lieutenant with Company E.

1st Lt John Bullock and the 23rd saw heavy fighting at the Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse in May 10-12, 1864. John T Bullock and Company E were in the thick of the action. In this engagement, Lt Bullock was captured by Union troop and sent to Fort Delaware to prison. He was transferred to Hilton Head Island, SC on August 20. 1864.  John Bullock was later sent to Fort Pulaski in Georgia on October 20. 1864. Here he became one of the Immortal 600.  In 1865, John was transferred back to Hilton Head Island and then back to Fort Delaware where he was released after taking the Oath of Allegiance on June 16, 1865. 

After his return to Southern Granville County, John T. Bullock again became a merchant. He built a store in the Mt Energy area.  This store became the first Post Office with him being the first postmaster in 1877. John Bullock’s store was the Post Office until September 30, 1900 when the post office was moved to Creedmoor.  John T Bullock was active in the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons as a Master Mason in Mt Energy Lodge 140. The Masonic Lodge met on land leased from John T Bullock near the store and post office.  On the first floor of the Lodge Building there was a school and the second floor housed the Lodge until it surrendered its charter in 1904. John T Bullock married Columbia Hayes in 1892. They had no children together.  He died in the Mt Energy area on July 3rd 1900 and is buried in the family cemetery on what is now present day NC Hwy 56 between Moss-Hayes Road and Westbourne Drive.

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